About Me

Hello! My Name is Amanda Park and I am a photographer in St. Louis. I'm an animal lover, traveler, wife, costume enthusiast, and most friends would probably describe me as a big goofball. I've always had a passion for creating memories through pictures and creating my reality rather than just living in it. I found my love of photography through cosplaying with my sister and it took off from there. I took endless photos of my cat Sophie, outing with friends, family get-togethers, and comic conventions. What really stuck with me was being able to capture a cherished moment that I could keep forever. It was those moments that prompted me to want to learn more about photography so I could maximize my own experience and offer it to others.

Getting your picture taken can be intimidating at times and that's why I strive to make people feel good about themselves in front of a camera and tailor myself to fit my client's needs. I love to make your shoot unique to you, whether it's an engagement shoot in the woods, family portraits with your pup in matching outfits, or an Alice in Wonderland costume tea party. It's your vision, let's create it together.


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